Welcome to TEDxDouglas


The approximate ratio of Manx Residents to the World. Do we have something to offer to the rest of the human race? You bet! Come one, come celebration of the Year of Culture, the Isle of Man's first (and by no means last!) TEDx event: TEDxDouglas ...bringing together talented souls from on and off the Island to blow your mind with all things Technology, Entertainment, and Design...

Ideas. That’s what the TED philosophy is all about, and on SUNDAY, 6th DECEMBER 2015 , the Isle of Man’s first ever TEDx event will inspire you with ideas that are most certainly worth spreading. The venue will be the Youth Arts Centre in Kensington Road, Douglas, and you can find out about times, tickets and our speakers by having a look around this site.

Thank you to all of our partners for their ongoing support in helping bring TEDxDouglas to life. If you’d like to get involved, or would like more info about what to expect from TEDxDouglas , do get in touch –