The second TEDxDouglas  will be held at the YOUTH ARTS CENTRE in Kensington Road, Douglas, on SUNDAY, 6th DECEMBER 2015.

The line-up of speakers and performers for TEDxDouglas 2015 has been announced for each of the two sessions, and tickets are available via the Villa Gaiety box office on 600555 or the website:

The TED ethos is ‘ideas worth spreading’, and this year’s line-up cover a diverse range of topics:

Our TEDxDouglas 2015 speakers are……

4.30pm session:

  • John Gregory – Music makes us human
  • Bridge Carter – Standing strong
  • Antony Alexander – A single world language via an international auxiliary language
  • Owen Cutajar – Doing it for the love of IT: The Isle of Man Code Club story
  • Stacey Astill – Poetry: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

7.00pm session:

  • Eleri Morgan Anything is possible
  • Karen Horncastle – Is it possible to build sustainably on a small island?
  • Andrew Newton – The obesity pandemic: can we stomach a solution?
  • Andy North – How a 4-day working week would change the world
  • Lisa Meads – A mother/daughter bond increased by a journey in Taekwondo
  • Zakir Hoosen – Life with labels
  • Music from John Gregory and Papa Cass

In addition to the speakers and performers, some of the most popular and inspiring videos of past TED talks from around the world will be screened during both sessions.

TED is a non-profit global community, devoted to spreading ideas. It began as a single conference back in 1984, focusing on Technology, Entertainment and Design, and now encompasses almost all topics in more than 100 languages.

In addition to the main TED global events, independently-run TEDx events help share ideas around the world.

You can find out more about TED here.