Phil Kelly & Phil Quirk

DECIDING TO FAIL - Following very successful careers as trainers within the Royal Air Force, the 'Two Phils' are co-owners of Human Behavioural Performance (HBP) Training, an organisation that specialises in delivering expert training packages which assist in reducing the risk factor within danger industries such as the MOD, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Manufacturing and Construction. Both are proud Celts, originating from Wales and the Isle of Man, and are professional trainers in specialist areas such as Human Factors, Coaching, Mentoring and Neuro-linguistic Programming. They are both excited to be presenting a link between their professional careers and the Isle of Man TT races - and in particular the decision making process at 160 mph... examining the phenomenon of a 'gut feeling' and the role it plays inside dangerous sports, alongside some interesting case studies from previous TTs.

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