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Courtenay was previously retained as a Healthcare Innovation Consultant to two Isle of Man Government Departments: Economic Development and the Cabinet Office. He is the co-founder of the ManxBioMed Cluster and co-organised the annual ManxBioMed Conferences. Since 1985, Courtenay has been in the founding team of four Companies, all of which are still in business. He relocated to the Isle of Man in 2008 to co-found Bladon Jets, while the Company has since gone on to raise £60 million. Courtenay is passionate about holistic Wellness to stay pill free for as long as possible and is an enthusiastic long distance walker. In November 2016, he co-founded Jurby Wellness with Protein Scientist and fellow social entrepreneur, Dr Farid Khan, to focus on: Transparent Science, Restorative Medicine and Natural Botanicals:

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